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About Me

I am a self-motivated developer with a specialisation in Android and Advanced Networks, currently looking for a position as a full time Android developer to further my career with new and exciting projects. Throughout my time at university and as a professional, I have always aimed to be hard working and driven. I worked as a professional freelance developer for over half of the time I was a student as well as on personal projects in my spare time. Despite the time constraints that this presented, I was consistently able to produce high quality work as demonstrated by my portfolio below.

Outside of work, I also have broader technology and electronic interests which have given me a good grounding in the background to my work. This includes experience in working with lower level Linux, networking and an interest in general and novel tech. I also paticularly enjoy partaking in hackathons for the chance to meet likeminded developers and pushing myself to try new tech that i wouldnt have otherwise had the chance to use.

But enough about me, lets get down to business.

Work Experience

The Guardian

London, UK July 2015 - Present

In 2015 I began working for The Guardian (most well known for their work with the whistle blower Edward Snowden) where I would be working as part of a team delivering their app which reaches over 200,000 daily unique visitors and has been downloaded over 2.5M times. During my time at The Guardian I have learnt huge amounts in a variety of areas such as:

  • • A deep and full knowledge of Agile development as well as the proper use of OKRs and data driven development
  • • Working as part of a large team with many people committing to single repository and the issues that can arise from such a system.
  • • Some exposure to Jenkins and other build systems
  • • Even more exposure to and knowledge of the Android ecosystem

Nimbletank Creative Agency

London, UK Aug 2014 - June 2015

With Nimbletank I am expanding my current development skills with the aim to produce quality, maintainable Android apps for big name clients. This has helped me expand my skills in areas such as;

  • • Working in an Agile enviornment and as part of multi-discipline team to create high quality mobile first application
  • • Being part of the entire creative progress from UI/UX through to production
  • • Project management best practices
  • • Researching topics and technologies to stay relevant in a fast paced industry


Lancaster, UK Jun 2012 - Apr 2014

At the end of my second year at Lancaster University I did a placement with DemoPad that later evolved into a full time position at the company. In addition to my studies, I developed their flagship Android product which was a port of their currently well selling iOS application. During my time with DemoPad I:

  • • Developed an application that has been used in installations several times with the largest being the 5-Star Lanesborough Hotel in Hyde Park, London.
  • • Worked to integrate the app with many different types of hardware either via IP, Infra-Red or a large selection of other control options.
  • • Contributed largely to the production of the company’s first piece of hardware named the Centro8. Most interestingly, I worked on an IR parser that allowed the hardware to accept IR commands and react to them as well as producing the much of the high level logic for the processor.
  • • Worked with Linux on parts of the final distribution operating system, often in command line which was initially outside of my comfort zone.

  • My time at DemoPad gave me my first experiences as working as part of a team as delivering products from design through to completion for clients.


The Guardian
Sky Sports Soccer Quiz
Nando's Crakalaka Boom


Computer Science with Multimedia, 2:1

Lancaster University Oct 2010 - July 2013

During my education at Lancaster, I have expanded my skill set greatly in areas such as the following:

  • • Advanced Networking
  • • Multimedia Distribution
  • • Database Use and Theory
  • • Programming; Java, C, PHP
  • • Leadership - Lead an Android Development Team


Fresher's Representative

Lancaster University Oct 2011 – Jun 2013

  • • Aid students to settle in to university and moving away from home
  • • Providing support to students who has problems during their time in the college

Festival Steward (CAT)

Hotbox Events August 2012

  • • Aided people in need throughout the festival season
  • • Provided assistance to security and the medical teams while on site


Central and Eastern Europe Apr 2014 – May 2014

  • • Extended backpacking trip throughout central and eastern Europe


Mobile: 07453504432
Email: chris@thecodethatchriswrote.com
Github: ChrisOwen101
Skype: chris.owen101